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Red clover frost seeded into winter wheat providing nitrogen and post-harvest, late season ground cover – Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial

 Making Cover Crops Work for Wisconsin

Our goal is to achieve greater and more effective use of cover crops and perennials in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. 

Our Experience


Our multi-institutional project team of university and community partners brings years of combined expertise in on-farm cover crops research, data modeling, agricultural policy, and farmer education and outreach in the upper Midwest.

 Our Methods & Outcomes


We produce and collate state-wide data to improve modeling behind farmer support programs like SnapPlus and Smartscape.

We survey farmers and agricultural educators to understand cover crop educational and outreach needs in different parts of the state. We produce peer-reviewed scholarship and original outreach information to support decision-makers and improve agricultural policy around cover crops.

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Dairy Forage Research Center

Leading the world in integrated dairy forage systems research


Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

At the intersection of food, soil, climate, farming and water


UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Collaborative research on sustainability


Nutrient and Pest Management Program 

Helping famers and crop production professionals with selection and management of cover crops 


UW-Madison Department of Agronomy 

Enriching the benefits provided to humans by agroecosystems while building the capacity for future generations to do the same.

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