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Stute, J. Do cover crops pay? Michigan Food and Farming Systems Conference, Kalamazoo MI, February 8, 2019, 36 attendees.


Workshops, webinars & field days



Stute, J. Cover crops for the home garden. Waukesha County Green Team, Oconomowoc, WI March 28, 2019, 58 attendees.


Stute, J. Using Canopeo to monitor canopy development. Cover crop and soil health field day, Palmyra, WI April 18, 2019, 72 attendees.


Silva, E. (2019, March). Roller-Crimper Workshop. Land Stewardship Project, 75 attendees.


Silva, E. (2019, March). Using the roller-crimper to manage cover crops. Cover Crop/Soil Health meeting. Fond du Lac County Land & Water Conservation Department, 150 attendees.


Silva, E. (2019, June). Building Organic Conservation Cropping Systems through Crop Rotations and Cover Crops. NRCS Webinar, 50 attendees.


Silva, E. (2019, August). Fitting Cover Crops into the organic rotation. UW Organic Agriculture Research Field Day.

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